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Nabati's Allergen Handling & Control Program

Nabati's Food Safety Program

At Nabati Foods, we’re committed and determined to making safe food for you to indulge in and enjoy. Our facility is a HACCP certified, we are also licensed by the CFIA (SFCR License), certified Kosher, and certified dedicated Gluten-Free facility.

We strictly control and handle specific allergens that we use in production while banning those not used in our facility. Common allergens such as: Gluten, Soy, Dairy, and Eggs, are not allowed into our facility. We implemented an extremely strict sourcing, storage, and production processes.

We require our suppliers to meet our strict requirements to be approved and we review them every year to ensure compliance with our requirements. Our ingredients are segregated, production scheduling is prepared to prevent cross contamination, and we enforce a strict sanitation procedures to ensure there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination which is validated by our internal allergen testing program. 

Nabati's Supplier Approval Program

At Nabati Foods, we like to source from importers or import directly as close as possible to the source (if not from the source it self). Each ingredient and supplier we use is required to comply with our approval process to determine if their manufacturing, allergen handling, sanitation procedures, sustainability practices meet or exceed our standards. This is important to us as we want the highest quality and safest raw materials to use in our products. 

Nabati's Receiving & Storage Program

When receiving ingredients and raw materials, we label everything and color code allergen-containing ingredients (such as peanuts) before storing them in their dedicated storage area. By simply labeling and segregating ingredients we avoid cross contamination as we handling our ingredients on a day-to-day basis. 

Nabati's Sanitation Program & Production

Since we produce nut-free and nut products, we make sure to schedule all nut-free products on separate days. By implementing our strict sanitation processes we ensure our facility is clean and our equipment are carefully cleaned and sanitized. We test our equipment to ensure no traces of allergens are present. We also validate our sanitation procedures by swabbing our production area and equipment.    

Nabati's Testing Program

Every month we conduct a series of tests internally to ensure our finished products meet our standards. We also validate our program by using a 3rd party laboratory to test our finished products, conduct environmental, air, and water testing for our facility. 

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