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Nabati Plant Eggz™ Cooking Instructions

Nabati Scramble

Heat a non-stick pan

Warm a non-stick pan (ideally 6-inch) over medium high heat. Add 1 teaspoon of your preferred vegetable oil or plant-butter. Make sure to distribute the oil or melted plant-butter. 


Add our Nabati Plant Eggz™

Pour our Nabati Plant Eggz™ onto the pan and allow it to cook sitting for about 1 minute. 



Use a spatula to start scrambling it gently and constantly while pulling the eggs apart as you scramble it. You will see it solidifying as it cooks. Add in any vegetables or your desired mix of ingredients. Continue to scramble until all the Nabati Plant Eggz™ is cooked and make sure to use your spatula to break up and scramble the "Eggz" until fluffy pieces. Then remove from heat and add to your plate. This process is about 1 minute and 30 seconds for a total 2 minutes 30 seconds cook time. 



You can season our Nabati Plant Eggz™ with Kala namak black salt, freshly ground black peppers and garnish with small freshly cut green onions and dig in! 

Note 1: You can most definitely season our Nabati Plant Eggz™ however you like. 

Note 2: Kala namak black salt is a sulphurous salt known for having a strong egg flavour. 


Ingredients for Nabati Scramble:

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or plant-butter

1 cup of Nabati Plant Eggz™ 

1 teaspoon of green onions chopped into small pieces

Sprinkle of Kala Namak Black Salt

Sprinkle of Freshly ground black pepper.  

Vegetables or your mix of ingredients to cook with the scramble

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