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From Tamiri Bites to Nabati Foods Inc.

When we started out, we started simple with a big plan. A plan that is coming to fruition and we are excited to share this next milestone with everyone.

We began our small vegan company making our Tamiri Bites and slowly expanded as we introduced more and more awesome products that passed our rigorous tests. We believe in making nutritious and delicious desserts that offer you more than just satisfying your desire for desserts. However, Tamiri Bites did not represent exactly whom we are as people and as a vegan company.

After many days and nights in the kitchen we decided that we need to go back to our roots and share our heritage. We decided to change our name to Nabati which we were able to trademark.

But what is Nabati?

Nabati means a person that only eats plant based foods, aka Vegan. It's simple and sums it up.

We look forward to continue serving you raw vegan gluten-free products.   

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